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Youpin Deerma Lint Remover

Youpin Deerma Lint Remover

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Introducing the Youpin Deerma Lint Remover – your ultimate companion for maintaining the pristine appearance of your clothes and fabrics. Powered by a robust 7000r/min motor, this portable lint remover swiftly eliminates lint, hair balls, and fuzz from your favorite garments, leaving them looking as good as new. With its innovative concealed sticky hair tube, the process is not only efficient but also mess-free, ensuring your clothes are revitalized with ease. Bid farewell to unsightly pilling and welcome a polished, refreshed look with the convenience of the Youpin Deerma Lint Remover.

Product Details:
Brand: Deerma
Product Name: Hair Ball Trimmer
Product model: DEM-MQ811
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 3W
Charging voltage: 5.0V
Charging current: <=350 mA
Noise: < 75dB
Material: ABS, PC, stainless steel
Packing list: Host, charging cable, sticky paper tube, small brush

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