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Wool Ball Remover

Wool Ball Remover

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Say Goodbye to Fuzz with our Wool Ball Remover! 🧶

Tired of battling lint and fuzz on your favorite clothes? Meet your new wardrobe superhero—the Wool Ball Remover! Engineered to tackle even the toughest fuzz and hair balls, this gadget is here to save the day and keep your garments looking flawless.

Fashionista's Essential: Step up your garment care game with our sleek and powerful Wool Ball Remover. Whether it's your beloved sweaters, cozy knits, or elegant fabrics, this gadget is your secret weapon for keeping them looking pristine.

Effortless Grooming: No more struggling with sticky lint rollers or ineffective methods. Our Wool Ball Remover effortlessly glides over fabrics, gently lifting away fuzz and restoring your clothes to their former glory in seconds.

Rechargeable and Reliable: Say goodbye to disposable batteries! Our lint remover is rechargeable, so you can count on it to be ready whenever you need it. Plus, its durable design ensures long-lasting performance, saving you time and money in the long run.

Versatile and Effective: From wool to cotton, polyester to silk, our Wool Ball Remover works wonders on a variety of fabrics. Whether it's pet hair, lint, or pesky fuzz, this gadget has you covered, leaving your clothes looking fresh and lint-free.

Fashionably Flawless: Don't let fuzz dim your style shine. With our Wool Ball Remover, your clothes will always look their best, allowing you to step out with confidence and conquer the fashion world!

Upgrade your garment care routine today with our Wool Ball Remover and say hello to lint-free living! #FuzzFreeFashion #WardrobeHero

Product name: Wool Ball Remover
Power supply mode: USB interface
Charging voltage: 5V
Rated power: 8W
Residence time: 3-4 hours
Charging current: 1A
Working voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 1200mA
Overall size: 78x63x130mm/3.07 *2.48 *5.12 inch

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2. Please understand that color deviation may vary due to different monitor settings.
3. Due to manual measurement, there will be some errors, which are normal.

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