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Special Drills for Expansion Kit 6 Pieces - Expander Drills

Special Drills for Expansion Kit 6 Pieces - Expander Drills

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"Upgrade the Diameter of Pipes Hassle-Free Without Any Cracks!

Our Expandable Drill Bit Set provides a seamless solution for expanding piping diameter, ensuring precision without compromising integrity. Specifically designed for both hard and soft copper pipes, it guarantees deep, precise stamping without any wobbling or cracking, making brazing a breeze.

Achieve Perfect Fit: Enjoy ample stamping depth for flawless fittings, ensuring a snug connection every time!

Friction Heat System: Our tools utilize a friction heat system, preserving copper's malleability during the molding process, guaranteeing a watertight seal.

Universal Compatibility: Effortlessly compatible with common drills and screwdrivers*, these tools operate efficiently to meet your needs. (*Check minimum requirements.)

10x Faster Performance: Flare and swage in just 5 seconds – up to 10 times faster than conventional tools!

Crack and Leak Prevention: High-temperature processing ensures a perfect fit every time, preventing metal from cracking or thinning, while maintaining tube thickness to withstand high refrigerant pressures, compatible with 410a.

HVAC-Ready: Designed to accommodate the most popular pipe diameters in HVAC systems, it's your go-to solution for seamless expansion.

Material: Steel

Included Items:
Expandable Drill Bit Set – 6 Pieces
- 1x 1/4" Expandable Drill Bit
- 1x 3/8" Expandable Drill Bit
- 1x 1/2" Expandable Drill Bit
- 1x 5/8" Expandable Drill Bit
- 1x 3/4" Expandable Drill Bit
- 1x 7/8" Expandable Drill Bit

Upgrade your piping projects with ease and precision – grab your Expandable Drill Bit Set today!"

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