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Solar Keychain Charger

Solar Keychain Charger

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Introducing: Solar Keychain Charger

Unleash the Power of the Sun on the Go with our "Solar Keychain Charger: Portable Power" – the ultimate solution for staying charged wherever life takes you! Engineered for those unexpected moments when your phone needs a boost, this sleek and powerful gadget is your new go-to companion.


Efficient Solar Power: Harness the sun's energy with our monocrystalline silicon solar panel, boasting a remarkable conversion rate above 17%. Charge your devices while reducing your carbon footprint – it's a win-win!

High-Quality Construction: Crafted with a lithium battery for superior efficiency, our charger is built to last. Its sleek black design not only looks stylish but also houses a powerful solar energy converter, ensuring reliable performance whenever you need it.

Control at Your Fingertips: Take charge of your power supply with the built-in power switch, USB output, and power indicator. Plus, the three LED lights double as a convenient torch in low-light situations, adding an extra layer of functionality.

Compact and Portable: Measuring just 70mm x 42mm x 16mm and equipped with key rings, our Solar Keychain Charger is designed for on-the-go convenience. Slip it into your pocket or attach it to your keys – you'll always have power at your fingertips.

Environmental Responsibility: More than just a power bank, our Solar Keychain Charger is a statement of eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. Join the movement towards sustainable living while staying connected wherever life leads you.

Get ready to charge up, stay connected, and embrace the power of the sun with our Solar Keychain Charger. It's time to take your power supply to the next level – order yours today and experience the freedom of solar energy!

Package includes:
1 x 1200mAh Solar USB Charger Power Bank (with Key Rings)
1 x USB Cable.

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