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Smart Voltage Detector Set

Smart Voltage Detector Set

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Unleash the Power of Precision with Our Smart Voltage Detector Set!

Introducing the Smart Voltage Detector Set: Your Ultimate Electrical Companion!

Equip yourself with the Smart Voltage Detector Set, the ultimate tool for electrical measurements and screwdriver assistance. Crafted with high hardness and excellent electrical conductivity, this set is your go-to for a wide range of applications, from electronic factories to household repairs and car maintenance.


  • High Hardness, Excellent Electrical Conductivity: Built to last, our voltage detector set ensures durability and reliability for all your electrical needs.
  • Perfect for Electrical Measurement and Screwdriver Assistance: Whether you're testing circuits or tightening screws, this set has you covered with precision and ease.
  • Humanized Clip Design for Easy Maintenance On-the-Go: Stay organized and efficient with our clip design, allowing for easy access and portability.
  • Fully Insulated, Durable, and Enhanced Safety Performance: Safety is our top priority. Rest assured knowing our set is fully insulated for enhanced protection during use.
  • Self-Checking LED Bulbs for High Visibility, Even in Sunlight: Enjoy high visibility in any environment with our self-checking LED bulbs, ensuring accuracy and reliability when you need it most.

Versatile Uses:

  • Electronic Factories: Perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike, our voltage detector set is a must-have for electronic manufacturing and testing.
  • Household Repairs: Tackle home improvement projects with confidence, knowing you have the right tools for the job.
  • Car Maintenance: Keep your vehicle running smoothly with our versatile set, ideal for automotive repairs and maintenance.
  • Electrical Appliances: From appliances to gadgets, our voltage detector set is your trusted companion for all things electrical.

Upgrade your toolkit with the Smart Voltage Detector Set and experience unparalleled precision, safety, and versatility in every use. Harness the power of smart technology and elevate your electrical game today!


Battery: LR41 x 3 (Included)
Size: 140x20mm/5.51x0.79in
Bit Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
Shell Material: ABS
Measuring Range: 70-250V

Neutral/Live Line Detection: LED lights indicate live (red) and neutral (green) lines
Line Continuity Detection: Lit LED means the line is unblocked, while no light means disconnection
Wire Switch: Illuminate indicates intact plug and inner wire core, ensuring reliable connections

Experience the perfect blend of fun and professionalism in electrical maintenance. Get yours now and make every task a breeze!"

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