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Portable high-pressure washing machine

Portable high-pressure washing machine

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Experience the pinnacle of convenience with our high-pressure portable washing machine!

For all you cleaning enthusiasts out there, our portable washing machine is a must-have!

Featuring a robust motor with an impressive 20,000 RPM, our washing machine delivers powerful water pressure for thorough cleaning like never before.

Equipped with a durable lithium battery, our washing machine ensures long-lasting and uninterrupted use, eliminating any worries about power supply.

In response to popular demand, we now offer the option to purchase the device with 2 batteries for extended convenience.

With 3 distinct usage modes regular pressure, high pressure, and soap foaming our portable washing machine delivers professional-grade cleaning results every time.

Designed for versatility, our washing machine is portable and easy to use anytime, anywhere.

But that's not all its portability and compactness make it perfect for cleaning air conditioners and more, providing an easy and convenient solution.

To enhance your cleaning experience, we offer a professional air conditioner cover at a special price. Crafted from thick, waterproof fabric with a drainage hole and a 2-meter-long hose, it comes with a universal stretch strap for easy usage.

And with our washing machine's ability to function with a portable water source, you can clean anywhere, anytime even without a nearby faucet! Simply use a bucket or water bottle, or connect it to a garden faucet for added convenience.

What's included:

- Portable Washing Machine x1
- Battery x1
- 5-meter Hose x1
- Faucet Adapter x1
- Different Angle Heads x2
- Spray Bottle x1
- Filter x1
- Complete Charger x1

Upgrade your cleaning game with our portable washing machine cleaning has never been this easy and efficient!

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