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Noodle Maker 180W

Noodle Maker 180W

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Introducing the Noodle Maker 180W – your ticket to noodle-making nirvana! Wave goodbye to kitchen chaos and welcome the era of effortless homemade noodles. With this revolutionary appliance, crafting perfect noodles is a breeze. Tired of the endless kneading and sticky mess? Say no more! Our vertical electric noodle pressing machine guarantees flawless results with every batch. Speed is the name of the game. We get it – time is precious. That's why we've supercharged the Noodle Maker 180W for lightning-fast performance. In just three minutes, indulge in the freshest, most tantalizing noodles imaginable. No waiting for water to boil or noodles to cook – simply push a button and let the enchantment unfold.

Material: Plastic
Size: 375*200*275mmPower: 180W

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