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Men’s Messianic Seal Necklace

Men’s Messianic Seal Necklace

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Introducing the Men's Messianic Seal Necklace, a gold-inscribed symbolic dog tag pendant that stands out and shows your faith in relevant boldness. Crafted with modern aesthetics in mind, this sophisticated, unique design is perfect for making a statement at any gathering. This necklace is detailed with the classic Messianic Seal of two fish on either side wrapped around an ancient Hebrew script reading 'Yeshua' and is constructed of solid 14K gold plated stainless steel. It's light enough to be routinely worn yet strong enough to handle all activities without worry - it won't let you down no matter where life takes you! Show off your style and religious devotion with the striking Men's Messianic Seal Necklace; you will be sure to make an enduring impression!

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