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Led Matrix Pixel Panel

Led Matrix Pixel Panel

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Illuminate your surroundings with brilliance using our LED Matrix Pixel Panel–the epitome of customizable dynamism for a touch of modern flair!


Vivid and Vibrant Illumination: Boasting 2121 full-color RGB lamp beads, our LED matrix delivers intense light with minimal power consumption, creating a mesmerizing full-color display that captivates attention.

Intelligent APP Control: Unleash your creativity! Seamlessly connect to the LED matrix via our intuitive app, allowing you to design custom text, patterns, and animations. Adjust brightness and speed to match your mood – it's your spectacle, your rules.

Flexible Circuit Board USB Plug Design: Bend it, fold it, take it anywhere! Our slim and lightweight LED matrix features a convenient USB plug design, offering versatility for various applications. Use the included 3m tape to affix it to walls or objects for an instant visual marvel.

IP66 Waterproof Rating: Ready for any weather! Our LED matrix is fortified with epoxy water-proof technology and colloidal resin, ensuring prolonged durability and achieving an impressive IP66 waterproof rating.

Versatile Applications: From storefronts to vehicles, concerts to holiday decorations, our LED matrix steals the show in any environment. Ideal for enhancing indoor advertising signs, hotels, KTVs, bars, and beyond.

Product Packing List: 
1 * LED matrix pixel panel 
1 * Controller with USB plug 
1 * Double-sided tape 
1 * Instruction manual

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