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Electric Cleaning Brush Bathroom Kitchen Brush

Electric Cleaning Brush Bathroom Kitchen Brush

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Introducing the 8-in-1 Cordless Powerful Spin Cleaning Brush – your ultimate cleaning companion equipped with advanced features to make household chores a breeze!

Feature Highlights:

Versatile Cleaning: Say goodbye to dirt and grime with our multifunctional cleaning brush, suitable for cleaning the entire house. Easily assemble the parts to tackle various cleaning tasks around your home.

Cordless Convenience: Enjoy unrestricted cleaning with our rechargeable electronic function. No more tangled cords – clean with freedom and cover a wider cleaning range without limitations.

Specialized Brush Heads: Our brush heads are designed to tackle tough dirt and grime in the bathroom, kitchen, and beyond. The corner brush penetrates every nook and cranny, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

Extendable Reach: Easily clean high-up areas and tall furniture with the main unit's connection to an extension pipe. Reach ceilings and tight spaces effortlessly for a spotless finish.

Accessory Variety: Our cleaning brush comes with a range of accessory brush heads, making it easy to clean different types of surfaces and areas with precision and efficiency.

LED Night Light: Illuminate dark corners with our built-in LED night light design, ensuring no spot goes unnoticed during your cleaning sessions.

Adjustable Speeds: Customize your cleaning experience with three adjustable speeds, allowing you to clean with ease and efficiency.

Battery LED Display: Stay informed with our LED screen, displaying battery power levels and speed settings for effortless monitoring during cleaning.


  • Weight with Packaging: 1kg
  • Packing Size: 44.3x18x8.5cm
  • Battery Capacity: 2500mAh
  • Working Time: Approximately 90 minutes
  • Charging Time: About 4-5 hours
  • Material: Environmentally friendly ABS with stainless steel

Package Includes:

  • Host *1
  • Telescopic Pole *1
  • Sponge Tray *1
  • Polyester Tray *1
  • Fiber Tray *1
  • Large Flat Brush *1
  • Fixed Tray *1
  • Wool Tray *1
  • Pointed Brush Head *1
  • Small Flat Brush *1
  • Small Mops *1
  • Storage Bag *1
  • Charging Cable *1
  • Manual *1

Make cleaning a breeze with our 8-in-1 Cordless Powerful Spin Cleaning Brush. Effortlessly tackle dirt and grime with advanced features designed for ultimate convenience and efficiency

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