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Cute Handheld Mini Fan

Cute Handheld Mini Fan

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 Keep cool on-the-go with our Cute Handheld Mini Fan! 

Beat the heat with this pint-sized powerhouse - perfect for pockets, purses, and palm-sized refreshments!

 With its compact design and whisper-quiet operation, you can breeze through your day in style!

 Whether you're at the beach, in the office, or on a hike, this mini fan is your trusty companion for instant relief!

 Embrace the cool vibes and stay refreshed wherever you roam! #CoolOnTheGo 

 Grab your Handheld Mini Fan today and breeze through life with ease! 

Main Feature:
1. Long battery life (14 to 21 hours)
2. Mini figure ( 4.7*1.4*1.4 inch, weight-4.4 ounces )
3. Power bank
4. Unique bright flashlight
5. Rechargeable design (battery included)
6. Easy to rechargeable (power bank, laptop, and USB charger)
7. Work on 110/220 Volt
8. Strong airflow(2200 -3300 rpm)

Package Include:
. 1*mini fan
. 1*micro USB cable
. 1*user manual
. 1*lanyard

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