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Color-Changing Egg Timer

Color-Changing Egg Timer

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 Upgrade Your Egg Cooking Game with the Color-Changing Egg Timer! 

Cooking perfect eggs has never been easier with our innovative Color-Changing Egg Timer! Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise egg cooking every time.

 **Key Features for Egg-Cellent Results**:
 **Heat Sensitive**: Our egg timer utilizes heat sensitivity to accurately gauge the doneness of your eggs, ensuring they're cooked just the way you like them.
 **Graduated Scales**: Easily determine whether your eggs are soft, medium, or hard by simply observing the graduated scales on the timer, taking the guesswork out of cooking.

 **Perfectly Cooked Eggs, Every Time**:
 **Soft Boiled Perfection**: Achieve soft boiled eggs exactly to your preference, with yolks that are just the right consistency.
 **No More Overcooked Hard Boiled Eggs**: Bid farewell to overcooked hard boiled eggs! Our timer ensures perfectly colored yolks and a smooth texture for the ultimate egg enjoyment.

 **Effortless Cooking Experience**:
**Cool on the Counter**: After use, simply let the egg timer cool on the counter for convenient storage and reuse.
 **Durable Construction**: Made from eco-friendly resin, our egg timer is built to last for countless cooking adventures.

 **Specification Highlights**:
**Type**: Timers
**Feature**: Eco-Friendly
**Material**: Resin
**Timers Type**: Dial Timers
**Dimensions**: Diameter of 56mm x 40mm
 **Color**: Vibrant Red for a pop of color in your kitchen

 **Package Includes**:
1x Color-Changing Egg Timer

 Elevate your egg cooking game and enjoy perfectly cooked eggs with ease. Say hello to stress-free mornings and delicious meals with the Color-Changing Egg Timer! 

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