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Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser Rechargeable

Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser Rechargeable

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**Introducing the SmartFoam™ Touchless Soap Dispenser: Your Ultimate Hygiene Solution!**

Upgrade your hygiene routine with our SmartFoam™ Touchless Soap Dispenser! Designed with cutting-edge technology, this automatic soap dispenser brings convenience, efficiency, and cleanliness to your home or workplace.

**Touchless & Automatic Dispensing:** Say goodbye to messy soap bars and manual dispensers! Our SmartFoam™ dispenser features a sensitive infrared motion sensor that detects your hand from up to 3.5 inches away, dispensing soap within a lightning-fast 0.25 seconds. Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen sink, coffee bar, hotel, and more!

**Convenient Rechargeable Design:** No more hassle with battery replacements! Our dispenser comes with a USB charging cable, allowing for quick and easy recharging. Simply plug it in and enjoy long-lasting use without the need for frequent battery changes. Environmentally friendly and hassle-free!

**Waterproof & Easy to Use:** With an IPX5 waterproof rating, our dispenser is designed to withstand splashes and spills. The liquid container is located at the bottom to prevent soap or water from damaging the circuit board. Refilling is a breeze—simply twist open the container and pour in your favorite foaming detergent.

**Versatile Compatibility:** Our SmartFoam™ dispenser is compatible with a wide range of foaming detergents, including hand soap, shampoo, dish soap, and more. For regular detergents, use the included measuring cup to mix with water for perfect foam. For foaming soap, simply pour it in and use it directly—no dilution needed!

**Feature-packed Specifications:**
- Material: ABS
- Product Size: 70×219mm
- Upgrade Type: 300ML capacity, with 3 foaming speeds: 0.6g, 1g, and 1.8g per dispense
- Standard Type: 350ML capacity, with 4 foaming speeds

**Packing List:**
- 1/2 SmartFoam™ Automatic Soap Dispenser (Upgrade/Standard)
- Optional pallet rack included for enhanced convenience

Upgrade your hygiene game with SmartFoam™ Touchless Soap Dispenser and enjoy the perfect blend of convenience, efficiency, and cleanliness. Order now and experience a new level of hygiene sophistication!

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